The Claudia Cup Foundation

Providing financial aid to children with disabilities, and their families, throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Idea

When Trevor Melendy, Claudia's Dad, received a ping-pong table for his birthday in 2014, 51 Roche Street became the neighbourhood frat house. The adults regularly competed at the ping-pong table which to Joanne's displeasure, was set up in the living room for months. While bragging rights were up for grabs, no official Champion was named, and ultimately, the ping-pong table moved to the basement where it began to collect dust. 

When Trevor heard that Easter Seals NL was starting a Capital Campaign to raise money for a fully accessible park, the idea for The 1st Annual Claudia Cup was born. The ping-pong table made its way back upstairs for one big party and an even bigger championship. A male and female champion were crowned, and funds were raised for a very important cause. 

But, Trevor wasn't finished with his big ideas.

He decided to establish The Claudia Cup Foundation to provide financial aid to children with disabilities (and their families) in Newfoundland and Labrador either directly or through other charitable organizations. Through fundraising, the financial aid will help alleviate some of the expenses that are associated with having a disability such as caregiver costs, medical costs, and various equipment, treatments, and therapies. 

The main fundraiser for The Claudia Cup Foundation is the annual Claudia Cup. The Claudia Cup is an annual Ping-Pong tournament hosted at the Melendy's house that raised over $25,000 in its first year, over $33,000 in its second year, and over $49,000 in its third year. The 4th Annual Claudia Cup will be hosted on June 15th, 2019. If you'd like to get involved with any of our fundraising initiatives, please email us at

The Claudia Cup - How It Came To Be

Up Sky Down Films created this wonderful video for us when we were promoting the 2nd annual claudia cup. take a quick look!


Warmest Friends

in 2016, Our friends at Harvey's Home Heating partnered with The Once and Easter Seals NL to write and produce a song inspired by Claudia! all proceeds from the song downloads were donated to the Easter Seals NL accessible playground building fund. Thank you, friends!


Board of Directors


executive director

Trevor Melendy


Anna Patten



Lauren Dalton


Chris Forward


David Howe

The Claudia Cup Foundation Funding Recipients

Please note that the recipients and their families have given us permission to share their stories. We have also helped other individuals that preferred we keep their story private. We hope you enjoy learning about some of the families we have helped!



Kaitlyn is 8 years old and has a diagnosis of Spastic Quadriplegia CP and Epilepsy. She has had multiple surgeries and is still reliant on a wheelchair and lots of help, but her smile can brighten even the gloomiest days and her determination to play and interact with her sisters and friends is so amazing to see. The chair Kaitlyn was using at home was not giving her the support she required for her tightening muscles, and her wheelchair was becoming extremely difficult to lift up and down the stairs throughout the day. We provided her with a High/low Multi-Positioning Chair that will allow her to adjust from sitting to standing all in one piece of equipment. This chair makes life much more enjoyable for Kaitlyn and her family.



Kai is 4 years old and has a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, microcephaly, seizure disorder, and global development delay. Kai has minimal head and trunk control and requires total support. He had outgrown the standard forward facing car seat and required a new car seat that provided extra support. We were happy to purchase the Spirit Plus Car Seat for Kai, which will provide years of comfort and support as he continues to grow. Kai’s smile shows how happy he was to receive it!



James is 10 years old lives on the Great Northern Peninsula and was diagnosed with Coffin-Lowry syndrome, which has a wide range of characteristics and symptoms. For James, it has resulted in him being unable to speak or walk, in addition to other disabilities. When James was little, his family could lift him and his wheelchair into their vehicle, but now that he’s bigger they needed a safe, realistic means of transportation. The James Manuel Fundraising Committee raised a large amount of funds for the family to purchase a new wheelchair accessible van and needed our help to reach their goal. The Northern Pen covered James’ story, which you can read here.

Kalem Bike.jpg
Kalem iPad.jpg


Kalem is 9 years old and was diagnosed with Autism. He has poor fine and gross motor skills and sensory related issues. He required an iPad with a special program to help with his communication and cognitive skills, and an adaptive bike to allow him to safely play outside. We were able to get these items for Kalem in time for Christmas, which was a lovely surprise for him!


Christian Tub

Christian has a diagnosis of spastic cerebral palsy and for many years had a bacolfin pump to help him with his spasticity. Unfortunately, when it was time for a replacement pump, his body rejected it. His new medication isn’t as effective and he wasn’t able to safely get in and out of the bathtub. Christian needed modifications done to his bathtub to allow him to have a bath while seated in his wheelchair, instead of the bed baths he had been receiving for months. When his new tub got installed, it had been over 15 months since Christian had a real bath. This new tub not only improved the quality of Christian’s personal care but also his quality of life. We were happy to help!

Ashton 3.jpg


Ashton was diagnosed with Autism and presents with a global delay and ADHD and OCD characteristics. He is non-verbal, self harming, and aggressive towards others. Ashton needed a Hard Rock Chair to keep Ashton safe at home and improve his quality of life. This chair provides Ashton with a safe environment to sit, eat meals, spend time with his family, and do various activities.


Dante is 11 years old and has a diagnosis of spastic cerebral palsy. He uses a wheelchair as his main form of mobility, but it was becoming very difficult for his family to lift him from his wheelchair into his car seat in their van. They needed a Valet Seat installed on their van so that Dante could be easily transferred. We were very happy to help Dante’s family and thanks to Up Sky Down Films we have a video of the surprise!



Sarah was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy along with epilepsy. Sarah’s cerebral palsy affects all four of her limbs and leaves her with very little physical ability; she is unable to roll over, sit up, or walk unassisted, and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Sarah has had numerous surgeries due to her CP and countless hospital stays caused by horrible seizures. Despite her challenges, Sarah has the most contagious smile and she is a true joy to be around. Sarah’s family did a lot of fundraising in order to purchase a new wheelchair van and walker, but needed our help in getting Sarah a Standing Frame to help keep her hips and spine in proper alignment and hopefully prevent further surgeries in the future. Were happy to give Sarah her Standing Frame, and as you can see, she was very happy to be standing up again! You can follow Sarah’s journey on her Facebook Page, Sharing Sarah’s Smile.

Ryan Quilty 1.jpg


Ryan was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis at the age of 6 months which involved multiple tumours in his brain, kidneys, heart, eyes, and skin. With that diagnosis also came many challenges including Autism, Epilepsy and Cognitive Delay. Thanks to everyone's help, we were able to send Ryan to 8 weeks of camp (half-days) at Rainbow Riders this summer as well as sign him up for their fall riding program. Here's what his Mom had to say this summer:

"I captured this photo today as I picked him up, I was entering the facility and I had to stop the car and get out to take this photo, he was beaming with pride and so was I as his mom!! Ryan had a wonderful first week at Rainbow Riders! We can’t thank you enough for supporting his Rainbow Riders Journey! They have noticed his confidence building already by the end of the third day so I can’t imagine how this is going to impact his life!! Thank you so much for having this compassionate and caring charity and thank you for giving Ryan such a wonderful gift, how do you put a price tag on self-esteem!! Truly Blessed!! Thank you Claudia Cup Foundation"


Jax is 5 years old and was diagnosed with spastic quad cerebral palsy. His CP affects his entire body and he gives little help when moving him from point A to point B. Jax’s family needed a Valet Chair installed in their van to transfer Jax from his wheelchair/tomato chair to the van.

"There are no words to express how thankful and grateful we are for the support we have received from The Claudia Cup Foundation ❤️ Sunday, May 6th was a very exciting and overwhelming day for us. We were the very grateful recipients of a cheque that will cover the cost of modifications to our van for a special valet chair. This chair will help with the transfer of Jax from his chair into his seat in the van. This is huge for us as Jax is getting bigger and transfers between chairs are getting more difficult. The costs for equipment, special supplies, modifications for accessibility and so many other things, are astronomical. The fact that such a beautiful family that honestly understands this, has gone above and beyond to create such a wonderful foundation that helps families with these expenses right here in NL is truly amazing, inspiring and heartwarming 💗 The Claudia Cup Foundation is making big differences in the lives of families right here in your community. Check them out and send your support their way." - Gillian (Jax’s Mom)

Big thank you to Up Sky Down Films for helping us capture the wonderful video!



Rebecca was the first person to receive a gift from The Claudia Cup Foundation. Rebecca was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has delayed speech, fine, and gross motor skills. She lives in Springdale with her foster parents and is very close with her brother who works in Fort McMurray. We were very happy to provide her with an iPad and case to allow her to FaceTime with her brother as often as she likes, as well as listen to music and have access to the many other amazing things iPads offer.